Becoming a teen idol in The Sims Freeplay

So, you’ve completed the Higher Education Quest and you’ve been given another: “The Road to Fame”. To get some great prizes, you need to finish within the time given, and here’s how.The first thing you need to do is to buy a stack of magazines, even if you already have one, and make your teen read “Teen Celebrity Magazine”.

The next task is for your teen to watch funny cat videos. Afterwards, simply take your teen to the park. When you get home, use the board on the pier to create a plan to become famous. This will unlock a keyboard in the store, which you will buy and start writing music.

Having written three music pieces, you’ll buy the new unlocked instrument, which you will use to write another three music pieces and so on, until you’ve written 15 of them.

Then you’ll unlock the microphone, which you’ll use to improve the last three songs. Now the Magazine photo-shoot is unlocked – and “The Road to Fame” is complete!

Tip 1: Buy the best instruments you can, because if you’re using the low-rated ones it will take you around two hours to finish a song!

Tip 2: Try not using simoleon hacking generator because you could get your account banned!