Social Networking Experiment: WildWorks Launches Platform for Animal Jam Players

Since its launch in 2010, Animal Jam has appeal to families of all ages. It originally allowed players to customize their animal in surprising ways. A new update should introduce a social media component to the game. That makes it possible to chat with fans of the app on any mobile device. Wild Works was the team who originally laid the ground work for the game. They have followed social networking on other sites and are prepared to discuss its challenges.

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Input From Leading Animal Experts:

The online playground is backed by experts from National Geographic. They have influenced the habits of animals placed in the game setting. Experts chime in on how different species should interact once they meet. Favorite animals are treated well by users logged in to Animal Jam. Versions have been released for the iOS and other systems as well. They are considered F2P games for parents to research before starting.

Harsh Language Filtered For All Ages:

Moderators are working to filter objectionable content in an online format. Customizing a favorite animal is just the start of a new adventure. CEO Clark Stacey has commented on the growing social networking aspect of the game. Wild Works is tracking a few sample chats and offering feedback on a full-scale experience. Subtle changes has made it one of the largest social networking choices for families.

Connect To A Litany Of Sites:

New web sites and external links may be posted through Animal Jam. Careful development should ensure a safe browsing experience for all users. The team at Wild Works understands that fulfillment should be a top priority. They have recently monetized the app and have evaluated its popularity as a result. Animal Jam still commands the respect of a wide swath of online friends. The social media addition has only added to its notoriety.

Animal Jam is an online game specially designed for children who love pets and animals and enjoy playing games that provide them a chance to interact with their friends and other players.

The game was created by WildWorks in collaboration with National Geographic Kids. Animal Jam currently has millions of registered users across the globe and the game claims to have a 500% growth rate on a year-over-year basis.

More Details about Animal Jam

Animal Jam has been created in a world called as Jamaa and features many animals. The game helps children learn about animal and plant life and has many ecological environments each of which features different interactive games, fact and virtual shopping stores. You can buy clothing for your pets and furniture for your den from the game shop.

To access the game, players have to create their player accounts, which gives them access to all the features offered by Animal Jam. Players can either play as free members or opt for paid membership. Paid members get access to more items, pets and animals, option to live in and customize their dens and more customized options.

Players select different animals to represent them in the online Animal Jam playground; these animal characters can be customized and are made to live in different dens that can be decorated by the player. You can also adopt different animals as your pets.

Animal Jam has different spaces such as oceans, parties and other lands. When the player signs up he or she gets a den that can be locked and then customized and decorated as you progress within the game.

Animal Jam – an Interactive Game

Animal Jam is an interactive game that allows players to chat with their friends and other players online. The game claims to have a team that moderates the chat round the clock.

Players can exchange items and gift cards with each other and attend each other’s in-game parties where different animal characters gather to have fun.

Different types of Memberships

You can have three types of memberships on Animal Jam: 1 month membership, 6 months membership.

Diamonds are also used as currency within the game; however these diamonds are rare and hard to earn. You can visit the Diamond Shop where you can use your diamonds to purchase different items. You can also get diamonds within the game after your achievements. There are  also hacking tools like Animal Jam cheats for diamonds that players have reported to work fairly reliably. However, use these tools at your own discretion.

Animal Jam Gift Cards

Players can also get Animal Jam Gift Cards that can be redeemed for different and exclusive items. These gift cards can be found easily through different retailers such as Wal-Mart, official and unofficial websites, unofficial Animal Jam game forums.

Animal Jam has received both negative and positive feedback from players and parents. Where some claim that the game does not moderate any content during chat sessions, which has led to inappropriate comments and discussions other say that Animal Jam is a great way to educated kids about animals and their habitat.